5 Essential Branding Strategies for Startups

A brand is an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their selling product from others. A fusion of one or more of those elements can be utilized to create a brand identity. Legal coverage given to a brand name is called a trademark.

In other words, a brand is a perception associated with a product. This perception cuts across the whole spectrum of the business. It is extended to customer service, customer experience, visuals, values, mission statement, and feelings or emotions derived from using a service. A good brand automatically reaches up to customer loyalty. It enjoys repetitive sales by its customers and develops a good relationship with customers.

Every business possesses one unique feature of a brand whether created intentionally or not. Some small businesses and start-ups do not care for attention to their brand, while others take their destiny into their own control. Consequently, big companies work very hard to infuse their brand into the minds of customers.

Instead of leaving your brand to the mercy of the market, why do not you take action to position your business today? Here are 5 tips to help you to do exactly that.

Brand identity:

Brand identity is associating a startup with a particular image that becomes the face of the business. The logo does a good job for achieving this and so do tag lines. Whatever the image of choice, it should be prominently seen on all your products. Newsletter, letterhead, banners, business cards, and promotional items like pens, t-shirts, and mugs should all carry the image that represents the face of your business.

Deliver on the promise:

Customer upholds high demands on brands. They expect businesses, small business and start-ups to deliver on value. If for instance, giving a quick refund to your customer is one of your values, failing which you are damaging your brand and you are taking a risk for your reputation. And in this day of social media, it wouldn’t take long before a negative tag is created. It will be like one rotten apple spoiling the whole crate.

Care for your customers:

Care for your customers because care generates loyalty. Once you have got some regular customers, create a system that rewards loyalty. Announce some kind of incentive for bringing new customers. Introduce discounted offers for first-time buyers. If a customer does not get the required attention from you, they would go next store in the market. Treat them with ample respect. Keep your word. Do not step backward to accept responsibility. It is your duty to pacify your agitated customers. Be nice to them and you will succeed on your way to creating a good brand. After all, branding is an idea which revolves around perception.

Do little extra:

If you are a small business or most probably a start-up business, and it’s within your means, plan for giving some extra gift. Meet customers and spend some extra time to match with their schedule. Give customers an experience they would cherish. For example, make a nice video on your product and show it to them. An experience they would find hard to get somewhere else, one that would differentiate your product and this will trigger repeat service or bumper sale.

Conduct a survey:

Conduct a survey to find out what customers think of your business. You don’t have to make the research formal but maintain honesty with your own self. Pick up corrective measures to correct defects. Reward those who showed interest to comply with the research. Use the collective opinion gathered to make a new strategy that would take your start-up or small business to anew height in the future.

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Ready Made Company Formation – Turn your idea into a startup

If you want to set up a new company, it is always time-consuming and laborious. There are so many things to be taken care of, learning the laws of the land, selecting a location for the administrative offices, and taking an agent on hireling basis to get the work done for you. What is the way-out for you to a cut out the hassle from the incorporation of a company? Purchasing a ready-made company will give you relief from all your hassles.


Many corporate firms are now selling ready-made companies. These companies have all the paperwork done under an owner’s name, generally the company’s director. When you purchase the company, you become the legal owner of the company. There is no need to file the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. The corporate firm selling you the company would already have taken care of those formalities for you.


Acquiring an already existing company is also a great way of expanding your business overseas. If the company was in operation for some time, this is for sure that it would have a client base of its own. When you purchase the company, the client base will be automatically coming to you, which will generate good profits from day one itself. Besides, if your company brings some good reputation, you can depend on that for the expansion of your new client base.


Company formation agents can be contacted as they often keep track of companies looking for new owners. They also keep track of firms having registered companies for an immediate sale. When you approach company formation agents for setting up your new company, ask them if they can arrange for this sort of option. Not only will this make your journey easier for setting up the company, but it will also lower the amount of money that you have to pay to the agent.


There are some negative points in buying a readymade company though. For one thing, you cannot change the name of the company to something as per your likings. That would change the identity of the entire company which may affect your business. So, even if you don’t like the name of the company, you have to bear with it for your own betterment. Secondly, when you buy a readymade company, the total infrastructure that was registered with the business registration offices previously may be different from that of your company. In that case, you will have to issue resolutions approved by the Board of Directors of your company to change it. The process is not too time-consuming but is a hassle nonetheless.


In spite of these drawbacks, purchasing readymade companies is a very lucrative option for many business owners overseas to save time and money. It is not such a bad process if you wish to expand your business. In fact, this process will give you a balanced investment and excellent time management which will help you to move forward successfully.

Top 5 Common Challenges That Many Startups Face Today

Startups are emerging out everywhere these days. Today, startups are mushrooming in the area of the entire marketplace and everywhere, students are even advised in schools and other educational institution to go for startups in the future.

Nowadays, unique stories of startup entrepreneurs and business owners seem to be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine issue, serving as an encouragement for more people to brainstorm and come up with ideas of investing for startups.

People see technological breakthroughs as something that could change the entire world and open people up to more abundant opportunities

The unspoken truth about startups is this: Starting and maintaining one is not that easy as successful entrepreneurs make it look. There are more avenues being made available for startups to emerge and flourish, but there are still some challenges that are not being met. As an enthusiastic startup entrepreneur, you should not feel hesitant to face some time-tested challenges and roadblocks.

Startups face challenges at different stages on their way to meet success. Issues may vary depending on the difficulty encountered in achieving different goals and objectives and the ability of the entrepreneur(s) to manage different issues as they come while going through the avenue of a startup. Startup entrepreneurs make mistakes, depending on the type of startup or group of individuals working together (if any). However, there are some difficulties that are facing startups at the basic level today.

Here is a list of the 5 major challenges that your startup will face and how you handle them will go a long way in determining whether your startup will achieve success or fail:-

  • Funding:

    The big issue comes first. Funding remains one of the biggest problems that emerging startups face. It’s a really dicey issue in the sense that every investor prefers to play safe with their investment. Hence, they usually invest their money in already well established and successful startups. Logical as it is for the investors, it also limits the number of successful startups accessible today.

  • Lack of Innovation:

    The innovation is extremely lacking in entrepreneurs today. When investors and clients find these, they become reluctant to invest as they do not get to see the difference between these new startups and old ones. A major method for attracting funds for a startup is to have at least one new feature; something that makes you stand out from the enumerable number of startups that are related to, or similar yours.

  • Unfeasible Goals:

    It’s always helpful and advantageous to set goals for your startup. Goals give your business a guideline, provide a means of measuring your business’ growth over time, act as a means to assess the success your business and serve as a method of bringing your business against other businesses in your domain.

It is essential that your startup exceeds (or at least meet) your defined objectives when running startups; it shows that you’re on the right track for future successes. However, where most startups get it wrong is the goal-setting part. Most of the times, upcoming startups set goals that are simply unrealistic. For consistency, it is important to set high but controlled and generally attainable goals and objectives, given a level of funding and your infrastructure of meeting those goals.

  • Decision Making:

    This challenge is mostly faced in businesses that have their base on partnership. While partnerships are great as they offer a greater funding base, these businesses are usually made up of owners who come from various backgrounds and who differ from each other in their business orientations. In running a startup, it is essential to be able to make quick decisions especially when the window of time you have to act is very small or when the opportunity that presents itself to you is about to close.

  • Personnel Selection:

    No matter how great your business management skills are as an entrepreneur, you’ll still need a team to work around you. Finding suitable team members can be a challenging affair; you have to select people who have the same passion as you and people who are capable of handling the difficulties that come with the job.

The right personnel will greatly help you; their skills will eventually help in relieving you of some of the work. Choosing the right personnel is a job that must be done with care and impartiality. You should not be having any bias while selecting your team. Your mistake bounces back on your business badly, you must always remember this.

In today’s world, we all are facing challenges in every step of our life. So it is not unlikely that you will face challenges in your startup business also. How you face it and go ahead for achieving success, let that be the biggest challenge in your life.

How to be Successful in a Startup Business And Make Money

Startup business entities can be lucrative if you go for the right ones. Although this is not something that a new investor may not like to get involved in, an experienced investor will surely notice immense profits coming.

If you are looking for investment in Startup business, you have to know the various methods of doing this. Your proper participation as well as your investment, both are equally important to achieve success in your startup business.


(1) Owners have developed habits and traits that are Positive, Committed, Patient and Persistent.

(2) A living Strategic Business Plan is in place.

(3) An Organizational Structure has been developed that pushes people forward to be their best and helps them do so.

(4) Operational back-up Systems are used to track performance and relieve senior management of daily detail yet make them aware of critical data to manage the business.

For a small amount of investment, consider investment for the credited investor. This would let you invest in a business along with other people so that you don’t become the prime source of money. This is often the best way for novices as it reduces the chance of losing money through the business. In this way, you will not make much money, but incredible rewards will only come with greater stakes. You can decide if you want to go for a joint venture with a group or if there is a better option to invest your money.

Instead of depending on the success of somebody else’s business, you should look for your own startup investment business. The issue that arises when you invest in this type of business is that you will not hold complete control over your money. Therefore, you don’t have an opinion on how people utilize your money and won’t be able to save the business from the possibility of failure. Investing in your own business is always the best idea not only because of the workload involved, but more work will fetch greater rewards eventually. You have to decide whether you want to make a onetime investment in Startup business or if you want to be a time-to-time investor while investing in a startup business. Most of the mushrooming companies require many rounds of money to ensure their safety for the future, but that is not always the case with all startups. The more money you invest, the bigger shareholder you will become. In this scenario, you will have a better hold on the money you invest. Gradually start off and you will surely be able to maintain a balance in your investment which will ensure things work for you.

The reason you are looking for startup investment offerings in the first place is that you want to use it as a guideline to achieve success. It is thereby suggested that you firmly take a decision. You don’t want anything that will divert you from your goals. If you need a plan, you should have a talk with an expert so that he can guide you to chalk the ideal plan for your startup business. In case you require proper training to think like a businessman, you should go for counseling. All these are important aspects for the success of your business.

These are the basic ideas of achieving success and making money for a startup business. So make an appointment with an expert like Startup Formations, take the required advice and start with your startup business without wasting time.

Key reasons why a startup should go for a Business Consultant

Starting a business and making it a successful game is the dream of many people but a single man team may not handle all the aspect of business when it is in the initial stage. As you need a proper recipe to make yummy food, a professional business consultant is a crucial part of a great successful business in the near future.

With the entry of Startup transformation, various Startup Consulting Firms have flown up the majority of which give complimentary yet fundamental administrations to Startups like organization enrollment, strategy for success achievement, pitch decks, and pledge drive designs. A portion of the presumed ones do offer Strategy and Management Consulting administrations also.

Take a look at the following points to know the benefits of hiring a startup service for your business.

1. Feedback free from bias:

Most startups work with the existing talent, experience; knowledge, and expertise of the business ignore the changes happening outside world. That’s why it can be extremely useful for startups to receive honest and unbiased feedback, and this is where the function of a startup consultant becomes so crucial. Startup consultants can provide a much-required external outlook to the practices and basic model of the startup. The startup will get feedback not only about the concept that is there behind your business but about the details of implementation, organization and other critical matters.

2. Positive advice for management:

Right from initial idea and vision through the upcoming phases and steps of the startup business, the blueprint of your business is just excelling sheets, word documents and Bullet Point presentations on your consultant’s computer. The expertise and advice of startup consultants can be extended to many different areas of your business, and they offer many different consulting services. Many people running startups are comparatively young, who have MBA’s out of top B-schools and have chosen to follow their own enthusiasm rather than working under someone else. The people in charge of running these businesses can thus be expected to be lacking the requisite managerial experience or knowledge to navigate the venture in the correct direction, because of obvious handicaps, like young age and absence of experience. A start-up advisor can give management advice based on their knowledge in leadership, finance, strategy, advertising and growth to a young, relatively inexperienced CEO who is just learning to steer his business through the ups and downs of the business executive word. The client is given insight and gains clarity through working with an experienced professional who has been through the process many times.

3. Drawing a road map:

Planning a strategy is one of the key services provided by startup consultants. Startup consultants assist their customers through assessment, statistics, and strategy. Forming a strategy is the key for any business, but it’s especially the center point for startups. Clients partner with experienced consultants to plan critical steps for their startup business. Most startups don’t have a dependable roadmap or even objectives to begin the venture, hence this remains one of the major constrains for a startup in the beginning. A startup consultant will put make a strategic plan and create a roadmap for your business.

4. Expertise:

A startup advisor brings in the required knowledge and expertise for a business which may be beyond the current expertise of the existing skill of the business. A startup consultant is regarded to be an expert in his field of specialization and has extensive training and understanding of the recent strategies and techniques for moving a business forward. Business growth comprises a number of tasks and processes generally that usually aim to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations and only a professional startup advisor can help you with that.

5. Survey of the business market:

Your startup consultant will meticulously research the market and the area in which you plan to grow your business. Market research is considered one of the key strategic decision-making tools. Market Research information includes but is not limited to data on your customers’ needs, your competitors’ capability limit and trends within the business industry. Professional startup consultants are known for their continuous analysis of the market trends and dynamics which means that they are highly alert to changes and developments in different business sectors and they will advise you of any suitable chances that they come across.

Business consultancy is the practice of providing professional, prudent third-party advice, expertise and support to company managers in order to improve the efficiency of the company. A business consultant can help your business maximize its presence, reputation, and revenue by researching your target markets in detail, opponents of similar business models, and their marketing strategies and take out a succinct report that will prove vital to your future e-commerce business.

Usually, a consultant with a proven track record to accept a business challenge can be hired on the hourly or contractual basis. Consultants are usually brought in to solve an immediate crisis identified in the business, which looks deeper into the symptoms plaguing the business and supports the client in diagnosing the business towards recovery.

With the mushrooming of startup companies, many businesses consultants now offer affordable services for smaller companies so cost may not always be a problem. Business consultants for startups in India prove an immense help to entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don’t have the knowledge, resources or the experience to navigate their concept forward. Business consultants can bring in tremendous benefits for startups when hired for the right reasons.

Startup Formations, one of the best business consultants helping startups and SMEs to accelerate their revenue growth by providing smart management consultation. Contact for any query. We are here to help you 24*7

5 most essential benefits of Business mail forwarding services

Businesses which specialize in running virtual offices for other companies provide mail forwarding service. Which way it functions you must know. Basically, the mail forwarding business acts as an agent between a business and its clients. All the mail is received at the virtual office address; then it is checked before being forwarded to the business owner.

The concept of using mail forwarding services has been around for quite some time, but most people do not have any idea of significance and benefits that are associated with this specialized service.

Here are the 5 important benefits that a mail forwarding address gives to any kind of startups.

Maintain Privacy for Your Home Address:

Many people cannot afford to take an office on rent, so they keep running their small businesses from their home address to keep the expenses down to a minimum. If you are running your small business from home and if you want to maintain your privacy, mail forwarding services can provide the business owners with an office address that you can use everywhere so that your customers do not need to know your home address. When you give your home address to your customers, it sounds a bit unprofessional. City-based offices are regarded as far more professional and prestigious than home-based companies. Many virtual offices are set up in big cities like Nevada, Wyoming, etc. They are home to most of the thriving businesses in the world. With a mail forwarding service, you can make your business look bigger and display a positive image of professionalism to your clients.

Cost effective and convenient:

Along with forwarding mail, many companies also sort out small businesses’ mail so that you don’t receive any junk mail to their door every day. Small businesses can use the mail forwarding services conveniently because they don’t have to skip their meeting to wait for the important packages at their home. They can simply finish their job without worrying about the deliveries they missed. Mail forwarding companies forward mail the same day they receive it, ensuring that it reaches business owners in a very short period of time. Not being able to collect a letter or parcel is a basic problem faced by small business owners, but it can be avoided with a mail forwarding address. There is also the added advantage of having mail forwarding service anywhere in the world. This frees up those working in a startup geographically while maintaining the privileges of having a fixed address.

Never missing important mail:

By taking the help of a mail forwarding service, small business owners need not worry about missing any important package or letters again. Small business owners usually complain that they miss important packages and letters because they are away from the receiving address at the time of delivery. It can be extremely disappointing to be behind schedule along with the extra cost and time to reorganize the delivery slots Someone will always be there to sign for their the package on the behalf of their company.

Improving Your Customer’s Experience:

One of the advantages of using mail forwarding services is that it helps tiny companies build the integrity of their start-up company. It eliminates duplications and unnecessary mail forwarding. Your company has a properly registered address where it can receive all the required mail and letters. Potential clients of yours will gain confidence in you if you take the help of mail forwarding services.


The thing about a new startup is that you never really know what the business would look in reality or where it may come to an end. Maybe you’ll have to cut it a bit short or expand hugely. Maybe you’ll switch into a totally different company which was not in your initial plan at all. Whatever the outcome will be, the flexibility of a mail forwarding address can make it simpler to adjust with the changing circumstances.

Mail Forwarding services restrict the need for business owners to give their home address everywhere, but they also make the business look bigger and more professional. When you are signing up with any mail forwarding company do not forget to check that they are real and genuine and they offer professional services. Also, they make clear to forward your mail within a reasonable time period. Mail Forwarding service provides great benefits for those who work from home as well as small business professionals.

Let’s step in for an offshore company formation in UK

An offshore company is no way different from any other company except with regard to the jurisdiction in the establishment. Particularly in UK, an offshore company formation is more as an International Business Corporation and so gets more advantages in tax. You can set up your International Business Corporation anywhere in UK with the help of consultants who can assist and guide you in all legal aspects of it.

Consultants have vast experience in maintenance of offshore bank accounts, forming a trust. But at the same time, they can also guarantee security for your accounts and personal details. Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep up with all the rules and regulations pertaining to tax departments or any financial institutions. Especially, when being in business, you need to have thorough knowledge about all these rules so as to gain considerable profit and it is here that the consultants can be of great help to you.

Well, if you are thinking of an offshore company formation in UK, then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to find an agency which is not only well-set but also trust-worthy. Take care to check whether the chosen agency has thorough knowledge in this field of offshore business, especially about offshore banking and so on. You should not reside in the country where you established your company and so the activities of the company are controlled through anyone living offshore or an agency located offshore.

With the advent of internet technology, setting up an offshore company is becoming popular as the world has become a small village and so communication has become easier and quicker. The offshore company not only benefits the owner but also the host country as there is a good flow of foreign currency.
Today, anyone who needs to set an offshore company can do it by gaining relevant information from the internet or contracting agencies. Even if you are new to this business, it is no more a herculean task for you as there are many sources from which you can gain lots of information. Gone are the days when people thought that establishing a business is only meant for a group of people. Today, the internet can help you in finding consultants or agencies that are ready to render their service in establishing an offshore company. They can advise as well guide you very well so as to get good profit.

There are many reasons for which you are absolutely right in selecting the UK for opening up an offshore company. Many destinations are there in the UK for investments in Europe. UK has the lowest main corporate tax rates in the European Union. In UK, the system is very open, transparent and business-friendly. UK holds enjoy the benefit from corporate tax exemptions on foreign dividends. UK market is highly developed, sophisticated and diversified.

So, do not take a long time to think, just decide and start doing the basic formalities to open up your offshore company in UK.

The Crucial Steps of Setting up a Company in the UK

It’s a general idea, that the process of opening up a company in the UK can be quite complicated, and responsibilities for opening up a company are not that easy to be carried out single-handed manner. However, this could not be a sufficient reason to stop the enthusiasm for the upcoming entrepreneur. The only thing, which is required for making things work in the desired manner, is the dedication, and focus on the task, that has to be carried out successfully. There are hundreds of people, who dream of forming a company, and many of them are even able to turn their cherished dream into reality. The only thing, which makes them think twice in the entire process, is the legal formalities for the registration process. This problem can also be handled in an effective manner, with a little perseverance, and hiring the professional help for carrying out the entire process. It is a pathetic situation, that people with brilliant business ideas are not able to turn those ideas into practical lives. Therefore, it is always better to be informed about all those things, which are going to be essential, for becoming the owner of a company, successfully.

Fundamental needs for the company formation in UK: It is believed that the processing of company process is extremely simple in the United Kingdom. The government has framed the simplest possible regulation process to encourage the people showing their interest in the self-employment. They are even provided financial assistance from the banks. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of that person, who wants to avail of the facilities provided by the government bodies, to carry out the homework to reach perfection. This would be helpful in preparing the plan for the whole project. The company owner must also be well aware of the issues that might come up in the process of company formation. Most commonly, people have to focus on managing their finances and arranging smart and efficient workers, who can handle the upcoming business.

Arranging the premises: Apart from arranging the finances, there is yet another primary requirement, that is arranging the appropriate premises for the company. In order to get the company registered in the United Kingdom, it is essential to state the exact location of the company. The companies which are situated in England, Wales or Scotland, is eligible to be registered with the Companies House. Here, it becomes important to understand, that Companies House is the executive agency of the UK government, where all the companies operating in the UK are to be registered with the registrar of companies. When a newly formed company is registered, it has to provide an address proof for completing the entire process of company formation. Even those entrepreneurs, who are not living in the United Kingdom, and want to operate their businesses in the country, has to arrange the official address for the company. Most of the times, they buy the address from their lawyers and have to pay their lawyers for lending the address for their companies.

Companies owners, and the right The registration process: The registration of the company is the most important part of company formation. One cannot operate the business legally, without fulfilling the conditions of registering a company. There are two ways of registration. It can be done either manually or with the help of the Internet. Once, the availability of the name for the start-up business is checked out, it becomes easier to proceed with the documentation part of registering a company. The Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Form 10 & 12 is to be completed in a carefully and submit at the Companies House for approval. Apart from this, it is also necessary to get VAT registered with the HMRC. There are many company formation agencies, which can make the entire process quicker and easier, with the online registration procedure. These documents carry the information regarding the of shareholders, the type of company, the rules that will govern the operations, the name and address of the company, and much more. Therefore, the company owner has to keep himself involved in the entire procedure of company formation Psychology Articles, even if he hires the company formation agent for carrying out the task.

Online Business Setup Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Setting up an online business seems to be getting popularized nowadays. Individuals have different reasons; some may have just lost their job while others may just want to enhance their income. But whatever the reason may be, the most obvious choice is setting up an online business.

Having your own business on the web is relatively easy to set up. The initial cost is not much and maintenance is low. An online business can allow you to generate income even if you don’t really have an office set up. If you are thinking about establishing an online shop, or if you have a start-up company and would like to increase your online dealings, here are a few useful tips to remember:

Credible hosting, payment and delivery methods: A credible web host is very important. There are several hosting sites out there that have a good name and deliver very prompt service.

You should also think about having an online payment facility that can facilitate credit card payments. Try offering multiple payment options also.

If you are selling products that need to be delivered, then find a dependable shipping merchant that can ship abroad (the big players are UPS, DHL, and FedEx. You may want to get an opinion from other businesses if you are thinking about hiring other couriers.

Concentrate on your product: Your product is the best one out there. You really don’t have to concentrate on the latest gadgets and technology; you don’t need to worry thinking about how to make your website look good. Your real objective is the bottom line. Focus on what your customers want to buy online and make sure that you are able to provide it at a pocket-friendly price.

Grab them once they are there: Imagine yourself walking inside an appliance store for shopping. You are welcomed as you enter the door. You go to a product and a sales executive explains to you the positive points of the product. As you go to the cash counter, some basic information is asked of you. It is just the same as the online purchase.

Once they arrive at your site, the marketing begins. Make it easy for potential customers to search and find your products. Clickable buttons like “Add to cart” or “Shop here” or “More Info” is always a good idea to install on a page. Make it an easy and experience of pleasure for them to shop on your online website. Do not ask for them to register until after they have made an order.

Once they have registered, you can encourage them to get back to your site through special offers, members-only discounts, newsletters, and other marketing schemes to make them feel prime customers of your online business.

Market your business: For your online business to make a profit, you have to somehow promote it to the world. You need to study how people look for your type of products/services and where they get it. What are their usual keywords?

You can do this yourself. However, web marketing can be a very challenging and difficult task especially if your product or service is very competitive. The best option would be to find a credible company that can promote your product or service at a reasonable rate.

The market for e-commerce is growing. Get your share of the profit by setting up your own online business. There are professionals who have done specialization in helping Entrepreneurs, just like you, grow successful online businesses. Let’s face it, in today’s ever-changing interface of economy, online markets continue to rise and to build and maintain your online business is becoming increasingly more and more affordable!