Telephone Answering Services for Your Business

Startup Formations can present its valuable clients with a telephone answering service upon demand. The service can be given by one of our offshore locations. All calls are registered and logged for the client’s convenience.

Our telephone answering service combines the following benefits:

  • Each customer is issued with a dedicated landline number
  • Calls are answered quickly in your company name by our receptionists acting on your guidance and you receive immediate notification by email, including the caller’s message and contact details
  • Live to answer during business hours
  • Enhanced customer service as your calls are responded in a professional manner
  • More cost-efficient than employing a receptionist
  • All messages are treated as private and are immediately forwarded to you via email, or we can share it with cloud services.
  • Dedicated voicemail observed and all messages reported quickly
  • Win new business by appearing much bigger than you truly are …and provide confidence in prospects and new clients

Never miss another crucial call – the one that could be worth thousands!