Ready made vat registered companies for successful startup

If you are in a start-up situation, or in need to close a deal, the two most essential items that you require is a company and an already opened bank account – Startup Formations can now present you with the same, readily available and for use from Day 1.

Startup Formations can help you in facilitating, at a minimum expense and value for money solution by setting up your initial business requirements in terms of an entity. You don’t have to worry regarding the legal obligations, statutory terms of setting up the company, any additional fiscal strains that may interrupt your success in your state of residence on the structure, and accounting requirements.

The analyst has recorded that the charge for setting up and managing a business has a yearly cost averaging between USD 8,000 to 15,000 Pounds depending on the country of residence. This involves the provision of legal counsel on setting up the structure, company secretarial assistance in setting up the business structure, the value of the registered office and tax attorney for tax filings and other legal filings and accounting expense in maintaining the books of account for filing purposes with the governments.

In a nutshell, for those in a start-up situation or development, we can help you with a comprehensive Readymade Companies package to get your business up and running in no time and with minimum yearly maintenance cost. These services can extend to management, back-office operations, virtual assistance, banking assistance, accounting, ancillary services and more.

What is a ready made company?

A ready made company is just an organization that has been enlisted by Companies House. You can easily purchase a ready made company from Startup Formations as we have a fast and efficient process to make you the owner of a ready made company in a matter of time!

Ready made companies are often bought for several reasons. You might wish to buy a ready made company if you are searching for a name that will suit your business needs but can’t find anything right. Another purpose behind acquiring a ready-made company might be because you need a company to fill a contract? All of our ready made companies are prepared available to be purchased and for immediate use. Also, we can ensure that they have not previously traded.

The following documents are being provided when acquiring a ready made company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • 6 Bound Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Free Combined Register as well as Share Certificates
  • Appointments of Directors and Company Secretary.
  • Share Transfer forms
  • Certificate of Non Trading
  • All government registration Documents
  • Also enclosed are the Companies House expenses, solicitors’ fees, and electronic filing of the new director’s details.

For us to fulfill our promise of fast service, please try and return the required information as soon as possible. As quickly as the essential data has been returned, we will finish your request and send you your limited company.

We additionally offer VAT registered companies for sale. Our All In One Formations package consists of a Company Formation or Ready Made Company With VAT Number and Free Business Bank Account if you are planning to buy a complete Company Formations solution.

Advantages of purchasing a ready made company?

Ready made companies may have been enlisted with Companies House for a long time span, and this shows longevity, influencing your business to seem progressively settled that it may be. This can be nice for increasing trust with new or prospective purchasers because it provides the impression that you have been trading for longer than you have.

If you’re confused about whether buying a ready made limited company is the right step for you, then please connect with us. Our highly efficient team will be able to talk you through the procedure in more detail and help you to decide whether or not it’s the correct business step for you.

As a part of the Ready Made Companies package, you are qualified for a Free Business Bank account for 12 months under Barclays New Business Introducers scheme.

Why choose Startup Formations?

1. The corporate firms like Startup Formations, selling you the companies which have already taken care of legal formalities land purchasing, administrative documents and all. So you don’t have to face any hassle as everything is documented and well arranged.

2. When you purchase ready made vat registered company with bank account, the client base will be quickly transferred to you, thus ensuring good profits margins from day one itself.

3. If the registered company had good brand value, then you can easily get new clients and other supports from the market.

4. Buying ready made company with a bank account in UK is not only just cost-effective from us. It will also lower the amount of money you have to spent to set up a company.

5. Agencies like Startup Formations are well-equipped to handle any cases and have in-depth knowledge of company formations in UK with Bank account that helps you in difficult situations.

Who can buy Vat registered companies?

If you want to set up a company with bank account facility through cost-effective and time-saving method then this option is for you. Small business owners who want to expand their business or entrepreneurs should go for this.

Avail our Business Bank Account Service

Startupformations have strong relationships with the leading business banks of the UK namely HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, etc. As a result, we have included a package of ready made company with a bank account of our long-established banking partners in our schemes.

As part of ready made company package, we provide you with free access to a business bank account. All the banks mentioned above have some exciting business bank account packages & you are free to choose the best among them which suits your company’s particular requirement. Our Business Bank Account formation process is simple and effective. You can easily send the invoice to your clients with the business name also being displayed on the Business MasterCard that comes with the account. You can also register merchant account with us.

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