Formation of an Offshore Company for non-UK resident

Forming a company in the UK is popular for many business persons who are living outside the UK. The low start-up costs and a simple incorporation procedure makes the United Kingdom a preferred location for many international customers looking to start a new business.

Offshore companies offer not only the scope for international tax planning, but also global business structuring. The offshore company registration process is quick since the incorporation or registration documents can be received as right on time as one to about fourteen days. Offshore companies provide a similar level of protection and confidentiality, such as limited liability companies. Offshore company formation is generally much simpler than onshore incorporation, due to lax legislation and business-friendly regulation. You can have your offshore company in as little as a couple of days from order to Startup Formations.

The best possible way to form a company in the UK is to use a formation agent. Typically, applications are confirmed in short period of time because everything is done online. There is no need to travel to the UK, nor do you have to speak to anybody over the phone, post documents or sign any paperwork in person. You can upload and transfer documents electronically and create a unique online signature to approve the registration.

Offshore Company Formation Advantages:

Offshore companies offer a range of benefits over their onshore equivalents such as:

  • Lower tax rates.
  • Security against creditors.
  • Easier company reporting requirements.
  • The protection of one’s identity.
  • Avoiding local investing restrictions.
  • Most common reasons behind an offshore company formation are optimization of taxes, asset protection, captive insurance, protection of intellectual property, secrecy and privacy protection.

An Offshore Company is generally set up in a tax haven like Cyprus, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Seychelles Islands, Hong Kong etc, where there are no corporate or personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, reporting requirements, or restrictions on company employment policies.

Many businesses are going global. Corporate structuring and planning have produced higher levels of complexity than ever before while the requirement for anonymity remains strong. Corporations must keep pace and be continually on the lookout for new ways to profit. One way is to have a clear knowledge of the aspects of offshore foreign corporations, and how they may be put to advantageous use.

Key benefits for having an offshore company

The main reasons to incorporate offshore are:

Asset Protection:

Protecting assets in combination with a Trust, an offshore company can dodge high levels of income, capital and death taxes that would otherwise be obligatory if the property were held directly. It can additionally preserve assets from lenders and other interested parties. From contenders, adverse claimants and other people from whom you wish to keep your business interests private and to ensure against future cases such as bankruptcy, judgment creditors and other litigants, etc.;


Keeping company affairs private, Offshore Companies offer absolute privacy. If the business shares are held by a Trust, the ownership is constitutionally vested in the administrator, thus increasing the potential for even greater tax planning benefits.

Estate Planning:

Family and Protective Trusts (perhaps as an alternative to a Will) for the accumulation of investment income and long-term advantages for beneficiaries on a favorable tax basis (without income, inheritance or capital gains taxes);

Simplify the transfer of asset

The sale or transfer of assets in different nations can become complicated and costly. If an offshore company collectively holds these, ownership can be transferred by business shares rather than transferring the real properties owned by the organization.

International Tax Planning:

Conduct business without corporate taxes. Tax havens, such as the British Virgin Islands, allow the development of International Organizations that have no tax or reporting obligations. This indicates you save cash not only from the absence of corporate taxes but further from decreased compliance and other administrative costs.

Other advantageous includes:

  • Reduce travel expense administration:
  • Conduct business as an international entity:
  • Major savings for businesses that have employees working on overseas projects:
  • Increase profits from intellectual property rights, licensing and franchising:
  • Protect properties in other foreign countries
  • Own or lease ships or pleasure craft:

Incorporate an offshore company with speed, efficiency, and value. Coupled with transparent, highly-competitive cost and timely, dedicated support, your offshore company registration is made easy.

The suitability of offshore companies to a particular individual can only be determined after a reasonably detailed analysis of one’s financial conditions and future plans.

Required information when forming a company in UK:-

  • An organization name that isn't as of now being used. (We will check this for you)
  • A UK enlisted office. (We can provide this whenever required)
  • One company director who is minimum 16 years old.
  • One company investor.

It is not compulsory to have a UK bank account to trade in the UK. However, working with a UK business or personal bank account will ensure that transactions are processed more smoothly and without exorbitant fees.

Although it is not necessary to be a permanent citizen of UK in order to open a UK bank account, for the most part, UK residency rights and a UK home address are required. On the other hand, there are different international bank account services available in our packages.

Startup Formation provides a wide range of services such as offshore company formation and maintenance, creating and maintaining bank accounts, provision of nominee directors and shareholders and other offshore services. Within our package, we provide a complete list of features, which has been put together to help you for your company formation, and above all ensure you’re fully set up to begin business here in the United Kingdom.

Our expert group of advisors will be happy to assist with your any inquiries, no matter how complex they may be and whether in relation to the opening of a single bank account, obtaining offshore jurisdiction information, or dealing with an online company formation from the simplest to the most complex corporate structure.

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