Incorporation: within 14 days + delivery time for the courier

Minimum paid up capital: No minimum capital requirement


The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands located in the North-West Indian Ocean and connected to the African continent. The state is self-governing since 1976 and the main island is Mahé. Seychelles is a part of the Commonwealth and La Francophonie. It is also a part of the Southern African Development Community. The sectors of the offshore and the free zone have grown considerably in the last ten years in Seychelles. Indeed, this country enjoys a beneficial time zone for trade between Europe and Asia. More interestingly, it is on the OECD White List of tax havens, not on the Grey or Black. Therefore, this archipelago offers the idle conditions for a great tax optimization. The Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) is accountable for verifying the connection between governmental provisions and offshore professionals. If you are thinking to create offshore accounts or want to incorporate a company online, Seychelles is the one destination which will be idle to grow your investment.

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This independent Republic is one of the progressive offshore markets in the world with competitive legislation, which makes incorporating a company online relatively simple, whilst guaranteeing Investor confidence and privacy.

Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994 is the governing legislation for the development of the versatile and most widely sought type of company, through which legal international business, including trade, business, and investment activities are conducted.

International Business Company

Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) is a limited by shares company for carrying out international business ventures outside of Seychelles and are immune from all forms of taxation in Seychelles. Seychelles IBC is perfect for holding companies of asset protection, create offshore accounts, patents, and copyright.

Key features of Seychelles international business companies (IBC)

The IBC does not have to register any records or financial statements, and there is no obligation to register initial or ongoing changes in executives or officers, Its beneficial owners do not require to be disclosed.

Status, creation, and business of Seychelles IBCs are administered by the International Business Companies Act, 2016.

The IBCs are excluded from local taxes. The only tax compulsory for payment is the annual fee.

The annual license fee of $100p.a is one of the inexpensive annual license fees in the world.

The companies are not obliged to file accounts and accounting firm company’s reports with the state authorities. However, there are requirements for keeping corporate and accounting records of the business.

The law further offers the option for continuation of a foreign company in Seychelles as an IBC (re-domiciliation).

The legislation allows conversion of the international business company into a local company and vice versa. People who create offshore business accounts or incorporate a company online, can get a tremendous amount of help from this law to localize their firm.

Company Structure

  • Seychelles company is flexible concerning the capitalization. There are no minimum or maximum capital obligations for a Seychelles company.
  • Shares can be distributed with or without Par Value.
  • Shares are published in Registered form only, Bearer shares are no longer authorized.
  • IBC’s do not need more than one director.
  • For the registration of Seychelles IBC shareholders and directors may be of any nationality and citizens of any nation.
  • One shareholder and one director are allowed. The corresponding person can be the shareholder and director.
  • The directors do not have to be shareholders.
  • Directors and shareholders can be physical persons or corporate entities.


Only one shareholder and one director are needed for incorporation of a Seychelles Offshore Company (IBC). Their names appear on the public record, therefore, we as an accounting services provider can offer nominee service to maintain the owners’ privacy.

Meetings Directors and shareholders of Seychelles Offshore Company

  • Seychelles IBC’s do not require arranging Annual General Meetings of its shareholders. If such a meeting is settled on, it may be held anywhere in the world and by any means including by telephone or other electronic medians.
  • Directors meetings are not required.
  • When a meeting of shareholders and administrators is held, a proxy may serve a shareholder or director and speak or vote on his behalf.

Secretary: Not Needed – although it is customary to do so

Registered Agent: Needed

Registered office: Needed

Company Name: Any

Letters: From the Roman alphabet

The company name needs to end with such suffixes or their abbreviations: Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Société Anonyme. An extensive variety of other suffixes such as BV, GmbH, and SARL may also be utilized.

Names Requiring Approval or a Licence: Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Re-Insurance, Trusts, Trustee, Savings, Royal, Asset Management, Funds, Foundation, Building Society, Municipal, Chartered, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Leasing, Lease, Forex, Broker, Brokerage, Gaming

Our services

Whether you are looking to set up a new business, create offshore accounts, incorporate a company online, learn more regarding your marketplace or tap into legal know-how, we can assist. You can access one service or a mix – whichever works suitable for your business.


  • Name check and approval.
  • Filling the business papers with the Registrar of Companies.
  • A standard set of original corporate documents.
  • Payment of the Government fee.
  • Provision of the verified agent and certified address for one year.
  • Provision of company secretary for one year.


  • A notarized proof of valid passport (of each Shareholder, Director, Beneficial Owner, Authorized Signatory)
  • A copy of proof of residential address (ex. utility bill of each Shareholder, Director, Beneficial Owner, Authorized Signatory that is not older than 3 months) in English


  • If Shareholders and/or directors are legal persons, then it is asked to submit the full set of apostilled business documents and if the company is working more than 1 year it is expected to submit a certificate of Good Standing.
  • If documents are not in English language or language of the particular country, then they must be followed by a notarized translation.


  • Amount of paid-up capital

 Business name

  • Three company names in order of choice
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