In this blog, we want to shares some ideas with you regarding the formation of a limited company? Ok, I am ready to share my limited knowledge with you regarding this matter.

Introduction of limited company means forming or incorporating a limited company following a definite guideline. Incorporating a limited company is a very simple process. You have to complete an application form and filing fee, submit it for approval and start your business as soon as you like.

The quickest, easiest and most popular way to do it is to use the online services of a formation agency.

Choosing a name for your company is a very important point when you decide to incorporate a limited company. The company name cannot be the “same as” or “too similar” to the name already in use, and it cannot be offensive or misleading in anyways.

Your online agent can help you to check the availability of your desire company name. Simply type in the name you wish to use and our advanced name checker will let you know if it is available and permitted for use. If it is unavailable, amend name and reenter until you find a name you can use.

There are number of words and expressions that are considered “sensitive” if they are included in company name. If you want to use these words you have to take special permission from relevant regulatory body. All company names must end with “Limited or “Ltd” with the exception of some non profit limited by guarantee companies. All LLP names must end with “Limited Liability Partnership” or “LLP”.

Limited company got some variations which need different types of set up rules. I am discussing two types in this blog which may be of some use for you.

To setup a company limited by guarantee you will need :-

  •  At least one director and guarantor
  •  A registered office
  •  Details of all persons with significant control
  •  A service address for each director, guarantor and Psc.
  •  A unique company name
  •  Sic code
  •  Each guarantor will have to guarantee to contribute a certain amount of money toward business debts.

To set up and LLP you need

  •  A minimum of two members (Partners)
  •  A registered office address
  •  Details of all persons of significant control
  •  A service address for each member and Psc.
  •  An official LLP name.
  •  Sic code

You will receive your documents by email as soon as your company has been setup. You need to preserve them safely as you will require these time to time.

This is a brief account of introduction of a limited company which you planning to set up shortly.

Let me know later whether this information’s are of any help for you in your working field.

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