Offshore bank account opening and offshore banking benefits

Many people do not have the idea of what exactly is the meaning of an offshore bank account. It is a bank account which is regulated under international banking license, which usually prohibits the bank from establishing any business activities in the jurisdiction of establishment.

While opening an offshore bank account, you have to keep certain things in your mind.

Firstly, you can select any country other than your own one that gives you the facilities of opening this type of an account. For example, if you are an American citizen, you can think of opening an account at Hong Cong, Singapore or Chile.

Secondly, you must remember that the days of numbered bank accounts and intense secrecy are over. There are several short forms you will need to fill up each year, one with your tax return and another sent in separately. You have to declare all your accounts at a time within one calendar year.

Thirdly, you have to focus on your goal. Your offshore bank account will be under taxation rule of the respective country in which it is opened. Your home government will know about it but they will not have any command over your offshore bank account.

Fourthly, the concept of offshore account will give you more freedom to choose the interest rate of which country you want for your offshore bank account. There are countries that offer a very high rate of interest for offshore bank accounts of people of respective countries.

The most important information is that an offshore bank account is not shady, scary or difficult to open. You can open it with a not very high amount after completion of some formalities. In some cases you have to visit the country for which you can take a vacation to do the job. There are some countries where you can open your account through just an e-mail.

There are some myths about offshore bank accounts around the world, that is :

1) only super rich can afford an off shore bank account

2) offshore bank accounts are illegal or used by criminals only. These myths do not have any connection with reality.

An offshore bank account offers so many advantages

1)Privacy- by shielding the financial identity it helps its customer to escape the attention of greedy lawyers and to experience some kind of economic freedom which one can never find with a domestic account.

2)Wealth held offshore is harder to reach for anyone who might want to get their hands on it.

3)Many offshore banks will not have interest taxed at source like your home bank account.

4)Multiple currencies will be at your fingertips which will make transaction easier for you 5)The best advantage given by an offshore bank account is that you can do international transaction with no hassles at all.

Many startups, on line business and private investors have benefited from offshore bank accounts. Are you interested in opening one? Visit our website and take your decision accordingly.


In this blog, we want to shares some ideas with you regarding the formation of a limited company? Ok, I am ready to share my limited knowledge with you regarding this matter.

Introduction of limited company means forming or incorporating a limited company following a definite guideline. Incorporating a limited company is a very simple process. You have to complete an application form and filing fee, submit it for approval and start your business as soon as you like.

The quickest, easiest and most popular way to do it is to use the online services of a formation agency.

Choosing a name for your company is a very important point when you decide to incorporate a limited company. The company name cannot be the “same as” or “too similar” to the name already in use, and it cannot be offensive or misleading in anyways.

Your online agent can help you to check the availability of your desire company name. Simply type in the name you wish to use and our advanced name checker will let you know if it is available and permitted for use. If it is unavailable, amend name and reenter until you find a name you can use.

There are number of words and expressions that are considered “sensitive” if they are included in company name. If you want to use these words you have to take special permission from relevant regulatory body. All company names must end with “Limited or “Ltd” with the exception of some non profit limited by guarantee companies. All LLP names must end with “Limited Liability Partnership” or “LLP”.

Limited company got some variations which need different types of set up rules. I am discussing two types in this blog which may be of some use for you.

To setup a company limited by guarantee you will need :-

  •  At least one director and guarantor
  •  A registered office
  •  Details of all persons with significant control
  •  A service address for each director, guarantor and Psc.
  •  A unique company name
  •  Sic code
  •  Each guarantor will have to guarantee to contribute a certain amount of money toward business debts.

To set up and LLP you need

  •  A minimum of two members (Partners)
  •  A registered office address
  •  Details of all persons of significant control
  •  A service address for each member and Psc.
  •  An official LLP name.
  •  Sic code

You will receive your documents by email as soon as your company has been setup. You need to preserve them safely as you will require these time to time.

This is a brief account of introduction of a limited company which you planning to set up shortly.

Let me know later whether this information’s are of any help for you in your working field.

How to Set Up Own Company by The Help of Business Consulting Firm

Do you have a dream of having your own company?

Then you have come to the right place.

Become your own boss is the aim of many people nowadays, though this is not as easy at it seems. Company formation by your own is really a challenging task. You have to compete with both large multinational brands and established local brands companies.

You can take the help of startup service provider like us to get things done smoothly. We have broad experience in making a start-up company to market their products globally. You can successfully establish your company without any legal issues.

Why you should take the help of Startup Services?

It is the true fact that many startup companies fail in their initial stage, and they may have some valid reasons for the same, the likes include entrepreneurs being a novice and lack of essential support startups such as lack of funds, bad market conditions, unorganized legal matters etc. But, the most crucial aspects that most of the startups lack are proper guidance, inspiration, and feedback from business consulting firms or startup service providers.

How Startup Service Provider Helps Business Owners?

  • A Startup Service provider can help you accomplish all the Banking related tasks as fast and efficiently as possible. They will incorporate the business bank account opening, personal bank account opening with ease.
  • They will assist you from the very beginning with business registration formalities.
  • You can also find Vat registered company names for the successful startup.
  • You can also use their business mail forwarding, telephonic and other
  • services that make easier for your organization for safe and secure communication.
  • They help to streamline your business, making it more efficient and profitable.

Check out our website thoroughly and choose the suitable services as per your requirements. We are expert in business planning especially Banking services, Company formations, Business registration and virtually all aspects of running and growing a startup business.

How to Become Successful in Startup Business

Startup Business starts by individual founders to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. This is newly developed venture which target our business at developing a viable business model to meet the need of a marketplace.

Growth ambition is a very important vision for a start-up business. If your startup business venture does not have the vision to grow it will die automatically in due course of time. The drive for any start-up business should be aimed for growth as well as survival.

To comply with growth ambition your business must have the appropriate structure to carry on its developmental aspect. You have to have a team where each team member has a very clear vision about the product of the company. In fact in startup business, your team members are the people who will make you build a vision into reality. A passionate team can really take the company right ahead through all ups and downs of the present business world.

Marketing of your product is another key factor in your start up business. Marketing involves few things like, right manpower, right market timing and right market opportunity. Some other points are also there to achieve success in your start up business. Remember, success is something that does not fall from the sky overnight. It is something that happens because of you. Make the right choice for your clients. Do not take a bad client because when the projects gets going the stress increases. If the client is not good it may affect the growth of your project. Take challenges which are good for the growth of your company. You work in your suitable hours which will really work for your return. In you startup businesses, try and make decision-based on your long-term goal.

For your business you have to form the foundation very well. Please focus on the best foundation to achieve the best success in future. Often take a tea break and give the same to the team to regain your energy. Making mistake is a part of you and your startup business. They prepare you better each time for the next one. Everything could be improved in some way. Do not get into any complacency. Always strive for improvement. Keep pushing on, determined and driven, you are already doing better than others. Sitting at your office vent out and blow off some steam that was clouding your thought process. Scream out your client’s name and punch two big blows on the wall. This will cool you down and you can concentrate on your work.

We suggest starting with the help of a company formation service agency. This will surely give you the outcomes you are looking for.

All you need to know about Company Formation in UK

A limited liability company formation conveys various generous advantages to small and medium-sized self-employed businesses. A limited company formation effectively creates a brand new company body distinct from the owners of the business, shareholders, which protects those owners from boundless individual liabilities in the majority of circumstances and may carry important tax benefits which change in a subsequent year.

Suppose you are in process of setting up a Private Limited Company, then you will likewise require a business bank account where trusts can rush over and over again. Regular operations which could take place inside such account include paying salaries; paying Annual Corporation Tax, VAT Payments and moreover any debt charges. It is a lawful necessity in the UK that your company deposits and personal deposits have a different record as both the organization and the head are two separate legitimate characters.

While setting up a business bank account after your offshore company formation, whichever bank you choose to set up an account with will have tax evasion directions set up and hence different checks will be done. You will in this way need to send a distinguishing proof report, for example, a genuine travel allow or driving license. Accounts for example bank statements and utility bills may have to be shown as confirmation of your personal location. What’s more, certain banks will moreover wish to see official company formation reports, for example, the Certificate of Incorporation and Share testaments.

While choosing which bank would good for you might need to think about a some of this things.

  • Bank charges & fees – Check out the lifetime rates that are being tendered by the banks, regardless of the possibility that the bank has an introductory time of free business banking.
  • Referrals & testimonials – See what completely different business customers are recommending and using.
  • Telephone/Online bank account – Ask if they offer these services as you will probably need to utilize them two at some focus.
  • Credit – do you need to get a loan or overdraft to support you off the ground? If the bank really wants to give this close by a business credit and debit card?

If you have gone through an offshore company formation process in. UK, a free bank account services offered by banks like HSBC or Barclays when you set up your company. They will send your identity document to the bank for your sake who will then be in touch with you to set up an account. A lot of Non-UK residents are much interested in setting up a business account in the UK. This is possible but the method could be more mind-boggling than it might be for UK residents. In that case, you are experiencing issues opening up a bank account in the UK whereas it may be worth setting up an account in your local nation which is comprehensively scattered. Banks, for example, HSBC and Barclays have a worldwide presence and likewise, have numerous workplaces in the UK.

Company formation is important, but it may cause a lot of trouble and time taking which is not acceptable, especially when it comes to people who are very new to the business environment. It can be made easy with the variety of services available and what is better is that these services are usually not very expensive to apply for and you will receive assistance from professionals who have had years of expertise.

If you are planning for company formation the UK, connect with Startup Formations which deals with UK company registration with a ready-made bank account and assists people across the world.